Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wednesday 7th March Value Punts - Davis v Martic

Today lets look at some matches that offer great value to the punter, if you are brave enough. Remember these are value bets and therefore only low stakes!

L Davis @ 7.20 to beat P Martic - Pure punt here. The 18 year old Davis although ranked outside the top 200 is a good prospect for the USA and although has very limited experience on the WTA tour, knows how to win on the ITF tour and has played a lot of gritty matches. She will be hugely motivated by recieving a WC into the main draw and will get huge support from the USA crowd. She is a top junior and if she gets on top could frustrate Martic. The Croat though is in good form too. She has defeated jankovic in Kuala lumpur before retiring in the final against Hsieh with cramps. She could well be a little fatigued still from her gruelling matches on Sunday and travelling to to the USA etc. Davis will be fresh and ready to go. If Martic is off form, then Davis has a chance. if the US teenager can tire Petra then she have a chance too. If Davis manages to win the 1st set, will Martic retire? she has before so anyone whose bets are settled if the first set is completed could get an extra bonus on Davis. Obviously at 7.2 Davis is a huge outsider, but stranger things have happened

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