Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Value Punts - Wednesday 2nd May

Plenty of outsiders with a chance today....

Muller @ 2.40 to beat E Schwank - Muller prefers hardcourts/grass but can win this
Hsieh @ 2.30 to beat P Martic - Another potential upset here. Martic should take it, but if Hsieh has recovered from her long match against babos yesterday she has a chance
Vesnina @ 2.30 to beat Pervak - If Vesnina is on form she can trouble the best, if shes not she could collapse easily...
Cadantu @ 3.00 to beat A Wozniak - Candantu continues to improve, this match may be too much against Wozniak who is coming back to decent form, but could be closer than many think
Matosevic @ 2.50 to beat R Farah - Matosevic did well in his first match and can win this over doubles specialist Farah. The colombian did however take out Davydenko in round 1 but not sure how well he played or how poor Nikolay was?
L Davis @ 2.37 to beat C Giorgi - Should be very even, both players have a good potential to be top 50 players.....

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